24cm schwerer Flügelminenwerfer "Iko"
by Arie Dijkhuis: edited by Charlie Clelland

The 24cm schwerer Flügelminenwerfer seems to have been a similar design to the 9.45in Flying Pig mortar. The solid base was constructed of bolted wooden beams. The mortar itself was a similar design to the Allied 9.45in (French 24cm) mortars - the projectiles were of similar form to the Allied mortars. Its name derived from the fact that its shells were winged (Flügel means wing). The mortar was cheaper and easier to produce than the 25cm Minenwerfer and seemed to be a supplement to the more mobile 25cm Minenwerfer. The maximum range of fire is said to be 1000 meters, but according to the manual it is 1200 meters. The HE shell weighed nearly 100kg. It also could not fire gas shells.

The drawings are based on measurements and drawings from a German field manual.

24cm sFWM 1

The following drawings are from a 1918 US Army manual on mortars.

24cm sFWM 2 24cm sFWM 3

There are some surviving Flügelminenwerfers - usually the wooden frame has been lost over the years leaving only the steel parts of the mortar. (Images are from www.passioncompassion1418.com with permission - the first image is of a Flügelminenwerfer at Crémieu by Gaspard Kools - the second at Domart sur la Luce by Bernard Berthion)

24cm sFWM 4 24cm sFWM 5

Technical Data

Calibre24 cm
Weight of Gun590 kg
Barrel Length1272mm (L/5.3)
Max. Range1200m
Shell Weight94 kg (HE)